How negative people affect your life
I have been around my fair share of negative people. I was a negative person for so long. You really have to choose the people you surround yourself with carefully. They rub off on you, so look for people who have qualities you admire and would like to see flourish in yourself. Negative people have no place in your life. 

Cut the negative people out of your life. A negative mind will never give you a positive life. 

It's sometimes easier said than done when it comes to some of the negative people in our lives, trust me, I know. Family can be the hardest to deal with. Whether a negative person is in your immediate family or extended family, there aren't always easy ways to cut those ties. When a negative person in your life is stuck there, be intentional about your time with them. 

Negative people are draining. By controlling the time you have to be around a negative person, you are saving your energy for the more positive aspects of your life. And that negative person can't influence your mindset as easily. 

Some negative people are worse than others, and it's okay to give them places in your life that make sense for you. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, or feeling drained, take a moment to evaluate the people in your life. Who are you choosing to spend your time with?

I wish 22-year-old Alice had learned these lessons, it would have prevented A LOT of therapy and antidepressants. Not that either of those things is bad, just that the problem wasn't my mental health, it was my mindset and the mindset of those I was surrounded by. We really do become like the 5 people we spend the most time with. At that age, it wasn't a positive crowd. 

Negative is loud, just look at Facebook or Twitter. You can't help but see the negative happening all over the world. While social media platforms aren't people, the people we interact with on these platforms can be just as influential in our lives as the people we interact with in-person daily. 

You choose your environment. I was chatting with a friend earlier, and her workplace is FULL of negativity. She has been unhappy for quite some time. Today, she decided enough is enough. She needs to get out of this space. This is when she realized, she can drive for Uber or Lyft, get a part-time job if she needs to, and make it work. Without skipping a beat. And she gets to decide when to leave her crappy job. You get to choose where you spend your time. If your job isn't right for you, look at other options. If a Facebook group annoys you, leave it. You can't expect to change your life if you don't take the reigns.

Whether the negative people in your life are sharing a bathroom with you, exist on the internet, or happen to acquaintances in the workplace, you can make the choice to limit the time you allow them to impact your life. Sometimes, we don't notice someone is a negative person until we start working on ourselves. Readjust as you need to. Remember that if your thoughts drift to negative space, it's time to evaluate who you are spending your time with.

What are some of your favorite tips for remaining positive, even around those who are negative all the time?


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