This Wonderland Life with Alice Marie

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Hey Y'all!!!

Modern women have been told they need to break every glass ceiling. We are taught in school, extracurriculars, and by the media that we must be strong independent women. We can do everything a man can do... better. Traditional gender roles are laughed at and considered patriarchal or misogynistic.

What if you WANT to be a homemaker?
What if you WANT to cook healthy delicious meals for your family.. from scratch?

That's where I come in. 
Modern Traditional Women are out there. We are making lunches and doing laundry while caring for our families. Whether they are full of fur babies or human babies. We manage our homes as home CEOs.

We choose the life of a traditional woman. 
I knew when I was 16 that if I found the right man, I would get married. I have always wanted to be a wife and mom. 
At 22, I got married to a man with 3 kids.
He had full custody, I ended up staying home with the kids.

Dream come true... 
That is until I got divorced... 

We separated 10 months after marriage, and finalized the divorce two weeks after our 2nd wedding anniversay. Yup, I was separated longer than I was actually married. 

I thought my life was ending.
Everything I had ever wanted was gone. I was devastated. I didn't believe in divorce. And now here I was a divorced woman. Before most of my friends had even gotten married. I had moved back in with my mom, and basically hit rewind on my life. 

It was really just the beginning.
The beginning of a beautiful life full of big dreams.

I went back to the workforce, I worked in a few different jobs, and quickly climbed my way back up.
When I finally decided that I would focus on taking care of myself, I found the true love of my life. The man who made all of the pain from the past disappear. 

We moved to South Carolina to start our life together.
Purchased a piece of property, and are growing a life with purpose.

We dream of having chickens and feeding our family from our garden. 

We dream of homeschooling and family dinners.

We dream together of living a life of simplicity and traditional values.

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