10 Ways to Ditch and Switch Your Cleaning Routine TODAY!

10 Ways to Ditch and Switch Your Cleaning Routine TODAY!

Don’t you just love the smell of a clean home? I know I do. 

We all know that a clean home can make us feel better. Whether you're living without toxins or just looking for something new, there are many ways to keep your space feeling fresh and freeing!

How many cleaning products do you have in your home?

How many of them should probably be rinsed away before your dog licks the cleaner off of his paws or your children stick their fingers in their mouths? 

What are you washing your dishes with? 

Are you consuming the toxins left behind when you eat a meal?

Scary questions right? And they should be. 

These are the questions we aren’t asking when purchasing commercial cleaning products. Unfortunately, many of them contain toxins or have HQ chemicals which make it hard to know what you're eating while rinsing off your dishes with them left behind after consuming a meal - especially if they were labeled "safe" upon purchase! I've been eliminating harmful substances from my life for years now and hope this helps inspire some change in yours too; there's no wrong answer here so go ahead & choose something that works best for YOU (and maybe share pictures over social media)

PRO TIP: When making DIY recipes with water as an ingredient, use distilled or boiled water to make it last longer. Tap water can be used, but without preservatives, may grow bacteria and fungus if stored for extended periods of time.

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I remember when I had a cabinet full of cleaners under the sink. I had floor cleaners, surface cleaners, dish soap, disinfectants, Febreze, and so much more under there. Now, my cabinet under the sink is free for all of my glass storage containers, which comes in really handy in my tiny kitchen! 
I have found that switching products in the kitchen is easy. A nontoxic surface spray and dish soap are great places to start. 

All-Purpose Spray

All-purpose spray for dish liquids, laundry detergents and cleansers. Pull out your Castile soap (and you might as well leave it out while making these DIYs). It provides a gentle cleanse without the toxins! Many like Dr Bronner's but I prefer Carolina Liquid Soap and receive my monthly Amazon box with all essentials shipped right to me. It's made by small business owners rather than big corporations. I love that Amazon supports small business owners and consumers who want to purchase from them at a distance in this way.

Dish Soap

I try to remember to add dish soap every month to my monthly wellness box. Sometimes, I forget and end up with an empty bottle perfect for making this DIY Dish Soap! It’s a 16 oz size that requires half-cup of castile soap plus water; you can use any citrus essential oils like lemon or orange if desired as well (or even fresh).


Soap scum, toilets, toothpaste stuck in the sink… Bathrooms are gross. They are full of germs and stuff you probably don’t want lingering around. (I’m not judging if you do… okay.. Maybe a little..)

Soft Scrub

I can still remember the smell of Comet growing up. But now thanks to this DIY Bathroom Soft Scrub we can get rid of this smell for good! Just mix together equal parts water/Essential Oil blend as needed then add some baking soda until combined well - enough into a paste. Use it for scrubbing away at your kitchen floors or making sure there isn't any soap scum anywhere near those bathrooms again without feeling too guilty about using harsh chemicals because this has natural ingredients too so no need be fussing over what might be lurking in your cleaning supplies! Let the paste sit for about 10 minutes before wiping/rinsing away and voila.