Canva doesn't have to be hard to use. 
You also don't NEED to have a subscription to create beautiful, eye-catching graphics for your content.
Get noticed using Canva Without a Subscription!

I have been creating with Canva for about a decade. Back then, it was MUCH more difficult to create designs. There were NO templates to get inspiration from!

Canva has turned from a create from scratch, graphic design tool to a one-stop shop for all of your design needs. And I have been here for all of the changes.

When I started growing my Homepreneur business, I found many of the people I was working with had NO CLUE how to use this tool.

Their brands were inconsistent and not sending the message they wanted to send to their clients and customers. And they were coming to ME to find out what they were doing wrong. 

After helping so many of my friends and team members get a handle on how to create a fluent brand using Canva without paying for a subscription, I decided it was time to share my knowledge with YOU!

Wanna know what the biggest issue I saw was?
In my own network marketing teams. My leaders created beautiful graphics, but they didn't speak to my brand. Which meant HOURS of work to RECREATE the same thing they sent out.
Because EVERYTHING should reflect who I am. Not who my team is.
Which is why I decided to create this course. So Network Marketers, Social Sellers, and Homepreneurs could remain consistent in everything they do. 
And so team leaders can create graphics that are EDITABLE by their team in just a few clicks. Ready to get started?