Working from home.. Yup... I got a JOB

Technically, I have been working from home for a year and a half now, but now I get paid and have benefits while never having to leave the house (or my pajama pants).

I have been doing this job for a little over a month now, and let me tell you, I am so glad I know this isn't permanent. 

You may be wondering why an entrepreneur who focuses on being a full-time homemaker would take a full-time job... and there really is a good reason!

We have no problems paying our bills on one full-time income, especially with all of the things I do on the side building income. BUT! 

I went through a Mastermind around the Oola Green Gap Program and realized that I could take a full-time income and have HALF of our debt paid off in less than a year!

So I decided to apply for home positions. I still enjoy my time in the home, and not having a commute is super important to me. I can start my day at home, make my coffee, go to my desk, and on my lunch I can take the dogs for a walk, do the dishes, or tackle another project on my to-do list. 

Or just take a shower and binge YouTube for an hour... either way. 

The point is I found a way to speed up our debt and I am really excited to be on our debt-free journey. And still, be able to spend time with my pups!

Shhhh... I am actually working right now!