You can grow your own food, cook delicious meals from scratch, 
remove toxins from your home, and live a financially free life and it doesn't have to be hard.
The key to a happy and healthy life is a simple life.

Every woman deserves to choose a life that works for her. For a growing number of women, that includes a life of homemaking. In the past, homemaking skills were passed down through the generations or through home economics courses in school. Many of these skills are becoming lost arts in our modern society. Getting back to a simpler way of life is one step towards a financially free, healthy lifestyle.
My goal is to help women be the best homemakers they can be. 

fo-verify.htmlModern women have been told they need to break every glass ceiling. We are taught in school, extracurriculars, and by the media that we must be strong independent women. We can do everything a man can do... better. Traditional gender roles are laughed at and considered patriarchal or misogynistic.

What if you WANT to be a homemaker?
What if you WANT to cook healthy delicious meals for your family.. from scratch?

That's where I come in. 
Modern Traditional Women are out there. We are making lunches and doing laundry while caring for our families. Whether they are full of fur babies or human babies. 
The modern Homemaker is more than "Just a Homemaker". 
We manage our homes as Home CEOs.