A Chilly Winter is Upon Us
These last few days have been perfect for snuggling up under a blanket in some fuzzy socks watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Unfortunately, there is work to be done. 

The dogs have been digging in our fenced yard, and Jyn has been escaping under the fence. So, I went to the local Tractor Supply and purchased a roll of chicken wire to lay down in the grass and discourage her from digging.

While I have been working on getting the backyard secure for the dogs, Andy has continued to shovel the sandpile from the front of our property and transporting it to the back of our property to level off a piece of land we plan on putting a tent upon. 

All in between spurts of cold rain. It's December on the homestead, and we are working through the winter to get ready for our first spring. 

The list of to-dos grows longer every day. I am easily distracted while trying to identify the plants we have on our farm. This week I found pears!!! I rushed inside to wash them and try them. (The pups thought they were yummy, and I concur.) And I completely forgot what I was doing 15 minutes prior, and had to start again. 

With a to-do list this long, it's sometimes hard to stay on task. I have always been a planner girl, but am finding my traditional paper planner isn't cutting it anymore. We are attempting some digital options to tie in with my traditional paper planning, and are seeing some good results. 

This week, as we get closer to ringing in 2021, I am focusing on time blocking to get all of the things done. I can't wait to finally feel like we are in the swing of some sort of normalcy around here.

What are your favorite ways to stay on task when the list is ever-growing? 


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