3 questions to ask before giving up homemaking for good

Blog Title: 3 questions to ask before giving up homemaking for good

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Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the never-ending list of chores that come with running a home? Is the idea of giving up homemaking for good starting to sound really appealing? As a modern traditional woman, it can be tough trying to navigate through societal pressures to break gender roles, and balancing it with what we truly desire.

While the world is telling us to strive for more, we have to remind ourselves that it’s okay to want to pursue traditional roles as homemakers. However, before throwing in the towel, we should ask ourselves a few critical questions to ensure we are making the right decision for ourselves.

In this blog post, we have outlined the three crucial questions every modern traditional woman should ask before giving up homemaking for good.

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Do I have too much stuff in my home?

The first step to maintaining an organized and happy home is getting rid of unnecessary clutter. Look around your home, and ask yourself, do I really need all of this? Downsizing and decluttering could lead to more space and fewer distractions, meaning you have more time to focus solely on homemaking, without feeling overwhelmed.

Is this how I want to live my life?

Before giving up homemaking, take a moment to think about what you want out of life. Will a full-time career provide you with fulfillment? Or is staying home to look after your family what you truly desire? If you realize that homemaking is where you find joy and peace, staying true to yourself and maintaining that lifestyle is essential. Remember, life is too short to be doing something you don't absolutely love.

What do I need to do to change my home?

If you do decide to continue on with homemaking, ask yourself what changes need to be made for it to work better for you and your family. Do you need to set boundaries with friends and family about visiting times? Would getting help from a housekeeping service free up time in your schedule? Would outsourcing some tasks be practical and alleviate some of the stress?

Take some time to sit down and think about these questions. Be honest with yourself and consider what you really want out of life.


As a modern traditional woman, it's not always easy to balance our desires, external pressures, and societal norms. Yes, breaking gender norms and achieving equality is important, but so is identifying, embracing, and staying true to our traditional values. Homemaking comes with its own set of challenges, but it can be a deeply rewarding experience when pursued purposefully.

Before giving up homemaking for good, remember to ask yourself these three questions. It will help you make a more informed decision and hopefully lead you down a path that aligns with your passions, bringing fulfillment and joy to your life.

So don't give up on your dream of being a traditional homemaker, stay true to yourself and embrace the unique path you've chosen!

Can You Be a Homemaker and Work Full Time? Yes, You Can!

Balancing a career while being a full-time homemaker is certainly achievable with the right strategies in place. Start by organizing and prioritizing your time, creating a schedule that allows for both work and household responsibilities. You may need to wake up earlier or sacrifice certain leisure activities, but the structure will help in managing both roles effectively.

Meal prepping can save you hours in the kitchen and ensure your family eats healthy. Spend your weekends planning and preparing meals for the week, chopping vegetables, marinating meats, and even cooking some dishes in advance to free up your evenings for family time. Delegate household tasks wherever possible, whether it’s enlisting help from older children, sharing chores with your partner, or hiring assistance.

It's crucial to be realistic about what you can achieve. Accept that your home won’t always be spotless and that not every meal has to be gourmet. Make time for yourself to relax and recharge, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. By managing your time well, planning ahead, getting help, and setting realistic expectations, you can successfully balance your home and career, while also carving out time for yourself.

How Many Hours a Week Does a Homemaker Work - Juggling Multiple Roles

Being a homemaker involves an enormous amount of hard work that often goes unrecognized. On average, homemakers work approximately 94 hours per week on tasks like cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and child-rearing. It is a labor of love that ensures the family's comfort and happiness.

Many homemakers also manage additional roles such as a part-time or full-time job, volunteering, or running a side business. Balancing these responsibilities can be challenging but achievable with proper time management and organization. It's essential to recognize the invaluable contributions homemakers make to society and give them the credit they truly deserve.

Homemakers play a critical role in maintaining a happy and healthy household. While the job is demanding, proper planning can help achieve a balanced life. Let's honor the hard work homemakers put in and continue to strive for comfort and joy in our homes.

Embracing Homemaking: How to Deal with an Extremely Messy House

For young women who aspire to be homemakers, maintaining a clean and organized house can seem overwhelming, especially when the home is in disarray. The key to tackling a messy house is to start with a plan: create a cleaning schedule and prioritize the areas that need the most attention. Begin with the most cluttered space, stay focused, and persist until you make headway.

To stay motivated, use a timer set for 15-20 minutes of cleaning followed by a short break, repeating the cycle. When decluttering, it's crucial to be ruthless—remove items you don't need and invest in storage solutions like boxes, bins, and baskets for better organization. Assign a designated place for frequently misplaced items, and create storage space for seasonal belongings to maintain order.

Remember, you can't clean the entire house in one day; set achievable goals and tackle different areas on different days. Create a cleaning schedule and involve the whole family by assigning age-appropriate chores to each member. Homemaking is about balancing personal responsibilities with keeping a beautiful and purposeful home, focusing on progress rather than perfection.

Where to Begin When a Messy House Overwhelms

Discover practical tips and tricks for tackling a cluttered and messy home with ease in this blog post. From making a cleaning plan to involving your family, learn how to transform your home into a clean and organized haven. With strategies like decluttering first, dividing and conquering rooms, and creating daily cleaning habits, maintaining a tidy home will become second nature. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a clean and serene living space!
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