Growing on a Budget: A Bride’s Guide to DIY Cut Flowers

Wedding planning can be stressful... especially on a budget. Floral arrangements can quickly deplete your already micro-wedding budget.

Growing your own flowers offers multiple advantages over buying pre-cut blooms from a florist. First and foremost, growing your own cut flowers is much less expensive than purchasing them. With some creative budgeting and careful planning, you can easily find ways to keep your costs low while still having stunning displays of fresh flowers at both your ceremony and reception.

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To my younger self on my wedding day

In a heartfelt letter to her younger self on her wedding day, the author reflects on the lessons learned from marrying the wrong man at a young age. She shares the struggles and challenges she faced, from navigating depression and anxiety to the rocky roads of parenthood. Despite the difficulties, she emphasizes the importance of seeking help when needed and being responsible about finances. The author also highlights the significance of being partners in a relationship and choosing to love one's partner every single day. Ultimately, she believes that every journey is important and that it leads to finding the person we were meant to share our lives with.