Hitting Your Fitness Goals While Enjoying a Winter Treat

Hitting Your Fitness Goals While Enjoying a Winter Treat
It's cold outside, and all you want to do is curl up with a hot drink and a good book. But if you're trying to hit your fitness goals, you may feel like you have to forego the goodies and stick to water or green tea. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a winter favorite while still staying on track. Read on for a guide to enjoying hot cocoa while hitting your fitness goals.


The "health" drink that changed my life

The "health" drink that changed my life
The turning point for me was when I realized that neglecting my health now would only make me feel worse later on down the road. I didn't want to be one of those people who is always complaining about their health problems and how they wished they had taken better care of themselves when they were younger. So I decided to give this juice a try and see what all the fuss was about. 

I'm so glad I did!



My body says put down the coffee... the creamer isn’t helping my gut anyway...

So I pick up the water.
It helps that I’ve been too lazy to make tea..

But this morning, after a lot of dairy products yesterday, I felt so sick.

And heavy.

My bra didn’t fit right... I have plenty to choose from, but when I am in my best shape, this one fits perfect... today it was just a little too snug.

I knew those size small t shirts I bought recently we’re not an option for my bloated belly today.

I grabbed a sweater. Knew I didn’t want to wear jeans. Leggings would only show off how bloated I feel.

I may feel bloated and like I gained back all of the weight I lost, but I still had a wardrobe win today.

The gray slacks.

The ones with little polka dots on them. I have a matching blazer.

My mom bought this suit for me almost 10 years ago.

The pants were tight when I opened them up on Christmas morning. But not so tight that I couldn’t wear them.

At least on my good days.

The days when I wasn’t bloated.


Tracking the things we do to meet the goals we have.

If you came over to my house right now, you would see notebooks all over. I am a pen-to-paper kind of person. I am rarely on my phone. I actually use the Screen time settings to limit my screen time on my phone. Somedays I choose to go over, but most days I rarely even get a notification for apps like Facebook or Instagram that I have even hit my daily time limit. I need to adjust my podcast and YouTube settings because I listen to those throughout the day, and listening to things is the majority of my phone usage. 

So when I got a fitness and nutrition coach to hold me accountable to my goals, you know her, my friendBeckie with Relentlessly Fit, and the entire program required an app and using it to track my nutrition, activity, and water daily, you can guess how that went over.

When I checked in this morning, I made a commitment to write down what I am eating throughout the week...

Essential Oils for Bugs

Essential Oils for Bugs
Summer bugs are more than just an annoyance. Many insects carry diseases and the "best" option on the market is filled with cancer-causing deet.. 
I am determined to help you find a natural way to prevent the creepy crawlies (or flying vampires) from ruining your next barbeque. 
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