Working from home.. Yup... I got a JOB

Technically, I have been working from home for a year and a half now, but now I get paid and have benefits while never having to leave the house (or my pajama pants).

I have been doing this job for a little over a month now, and let me tell you, I am so glad I know this isn't permanent. 

You may be wondering why an entrepreneur who focuses on being a full-time homemaker would take a full-time job... and there really is a good reason!


Prepping for the little disasters is more important than prepping for a zombie apocalypse.

I almost lost our $4000 Zero-Turn to our pond not too long ago.
I woke up that morning to a beautiful sunshiny day. With dreams of completing some work in the yard, and getting ready for spring.

10 minutes later the mower was stuck in the mud 😂

Using the jack and some plywood, I was able to get it on a steady platform so it could get traction. That didn’t work. So I jacked up the front end and realized that the mower had sunk down and was stuck on the 4-inch tall stump (maybe 2 inches wide) that had been in the middle of the weeds (4 inches tall, because the mower is a BEAST and cut through it - also a good reason we probably needed to buy new blades recently.)

Off to the garage for the chainsaw... cut that baby down, dropped the mower, and I was back in business.

The dogs and I went for a ride around the property, mowing down bits of weeds.
I took the dogs inside for a water break and decided to mow around the pond....

And that’s where the trouble happened...