Get Organized: Tidy Up Your Physical and Digital Workspace for Maximum Productivity!

In this blog post, I focus on the importance of getting my office organized as part of National Get Organized Week. With my cluttered desk filled with papers, old magazines, and random items, I begin by sorting everything into piles for recycling, donating, and keeping. This allows me to get rid of unnecessary items and create space for storing things I need. I then move on to organizing my desk drawers and shelves, ensuring that important documents are properly filed away. 

Additionally, I remind readers not to neglect their digital workspace and offer tips for decluttering and organizing their digital files as well. By taking the time to organize our physical and digital workspaces, we can increase productivity and save time in the long run.

Working from home.. Yup... I got a JOB

Technically, I have been working from home for a year and a half now, but now I get paid and have benefits while never having to leave the house (or my pajama pants).

I have been doing this job for a little over a month now, and let me tell you, I am so glad I know this isn't permanent. 

You may be wondering why an entrepreneur who focuses on being a full-time homemaker would take a full-time job... and there really is a good reason!