Homeschool Secrets with Tabi Rae

I recently started bringing what I call my Wonderland Friends into my Facebook Group From Stuggling Homemaker to Thriving Home CEO. And started with one on my good friends who is a full time Homemaker with 4 kids.

Tabitha also has an online book shop she just started running and does a few other things that keep her super busy. As a Marine wife, she has had to move her family a few times, and adjust to new schedules and routines on a regular basis.

We discussed some of the secret sauce she uses to keep her kids active and engaged in her homeschooling, Some of the things that didn't work for her kids, and how important is know not only your own homeschool style, but also your kids learning style.

One of the big topics we touched on was about "unschooling" your kids after they have been in public school systems. I loved that she has helped her kids (17, 14, 12, and 9) get out of the check it off and get it done mode, and back to a love of learning all the time.

You can check out the interview and if you have any questions, leave your comments and I will make sure to get Tabi in here to answer them!