10 Ways to Ditch and Switch Your Cleaning Routine TODAY!

10 Ways to Ditch and Switch Your Cleaning Routine TODAY!
Who doesn't love the fresh scent of a clean home? It's amazing how a tidy space can instantly boost our mood. Whether you're into eco-friendly living or looking for innovative ideas, there are many ways to maintain a fresh and liberating environment!

Ever wondered how many cleaning products you have at home? And how many need to be rinsed before your furry friend licks their paws or your little ones put their fingers in their mouths? It can be alarming when you start considering these factors, right?

Unfortunately, we often overlook these questions when buying commercial cleaning products. Sadly, many of them contain toxins or harsh chemicals that can unknowingly end up in our food or linger on dishes even after washing. It's frustrating when these products were initially labeled as "safe"!

Personally, I've been on a mission to eliminate harmful substances from my life for years. I hope this inspires you to make positive changes too. Remember, there's no right or wrong answer here, so choose what works best for YOU (and don't forget to share some pictures on social media)!

Let's create a healthier and cleaner living space together!


Streamline your cleaning routine with nontoxic surface spray and dish soap. Say goodbye to cluttered cabinets and hello to game-changing simplicity!
Castile soap is my go-to all-purpose spray. It's gentle, toxin-free, and ideal for dish liquids, laundry detergents, and cleansers. I love Carolina Liquid Soap from small business owners and rely on Amazon for convenient doorstep delivery, supporting both small businesses and customers like me.

Don't worry if you forget to add dish soap to your monthly wellness box. You can easily make your own DIY Dish Soap using simple ingredients like castile soap and water. Adding citrus essential oils gives it a refreshing scent too!
Isn't it great how simple switches can make a difference in the kitchen?


Soap scum, toilets, toothpaste stuck in the sink… Bathrooms are gross. They are full of germs and stuff you probably don’t want lingering around. (I’m not judging if you do… okay.. Maybe a little..)

Soft Scrub

I can still recall the Comet smell from my childhood. But now, thanks to this DIY Bathroom Soft Scrub, we can eliminate that odor for good! Simply mix equal parts water and Essential Oil blend, then add baking soda until it forms a paste. Use it to scrub kitchen floors or remove soap scum from bathrooms, without worrying about harsh chemicals. Let the paste sit for 10 minutes, then wipe or rinse away.

Disinfectant Spray

The bathroom is a mess of germs, and I learned that poop particles fly out of the toilet when you flush, so I can't unlearn that... You're welcome for that fun fact!
½ cup Water
½ cup Rubbing Alcohol
½ cup Vinegar
I enjoy using essential oils like cinnamon and tea tree, known for their antibacterial and antiviral properties. Plus, they smell amazing! If you use Thieves (Check it out here), just add a capful of Thieves Household Cleaner for a delightful sanitizer!

Around the Home

Furniture Polish

Do you use furniture polish? I haven't polished furniture in years... Instead, I put a spray top on a Lemon oil bottle and spray it onto a microfiber cloth when I dust. 

Carpet Powder

I used to use carpet powder every time I vacuumed, especially with a dog. I loved the fresh clean fragrances, but didn't realize the harm they caused to my endocrine and respiratory systems. Now, I make my own powder easily. In my laundry room, I keep a Mason Jar of Baking Soda with my empty essential oil jars. The baking soda absorbs the last drops of oil, giving me a nontoxic, clean fragrance to sprinkle on my carpet, just like commercial products.

Room Spray

Is a home truly clean without this final touch? I have plenty of spray bottles, in various sizes. Grab another! I prefer using a 2oz bottle for these sprays, allowing for frequent changes.
Add 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil, a splash of witch hazel to emulsify, and top with water. Shake before use. Easy peasy!

Floor Cleaner

They say the kitchen sink harbors the most germs at home. With two dogs and constant foot traffic, I can only imagine what's on my floors. That's why I got a cool mop. It lets you use any cleaner you want, just like a Swiffer Mop but without the added expense of refills and toxins. It's a huge win! The best part? You already have the recipe! I use my All-Purpose Spray or Disinfecting Spray to mop. It's easy!

Disinfecting Wipes

Sometimes you just need to quickly wipe down a surface or high touch areas of your home. There are convenient products on the market, making it easy to grab wipes while shopping. However, these wipes are not only harmful to you but also to the environment. 
Here's what I do: make your own disinfecting spray recipe and store it in an airtight container with microfiber cloths or other reusable cloth. Seal the lid, flip it upside down, and fold the towels to make them easily accessible.

Dryer Sheets

You might not be able to do this one with items already in your home, but it's still an easy switch. Dryer sheets are terrible for you, the environment, and your clothes. They can make towels less absorbent and cost you money. But you still want static-free, yummy-smelling clothes, right?
Wool dryer balls are amazing. If you have static issues, try adding a safety pin to the ball. There are also silicone options available if you don't want fragrance. I like adding Lavender to my dryer balls when drying sheets. Perfect for bedtime.

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