America’s Front Line Doctors dropped some bombshells yesterday. I have watched the video several times, and have been looking into the group today. I am not surprised by how this group has been treated since the video was released on social media.

I am not a doctor, and I am not as knowledgeable as any of these physicians. I do not believe a blanket treatment works for all, but I believe the information should be available for all to make their own decisions.

I understand that freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of consequences. But what happened to our freedom of speech? Every major social media platform has spent the day scrubbing this video from its sites. Squarespace has shut down its website. How is someone supposed to do the research on a group if they can’t even access their website to see what the group stands for, in their own words?

There are so many evils available for us to find on the internet, and that’s without even looking for it. (How’s that Wayfair stuff going?) 

Why is it that medical doctors talking about what they are seeing work so wrong?

I have a feeling it’s along the same lines of why I can’t tell you an alternative option to medicine could fix or cure your ailment. It’s all about government compliance. Rules and regulations made to suppress the voices of those with a differing opinion.

Many other countries recognize alternative options as viable medicine. Hydroxychloroquine is available over the counter in many lesser developed countries than the United States. 

I remember when I learned in school that science is based on theories. Theories must be proven or disproven. Why can’t these doctor’s theories be tested thoroughly? How is it possible there are so many patients they see doing well, but the “study” that “proved” hydroxychloroquine to be problematic is “science”.

Change is inevitable in science as new observations challenge prevailing theories. Except the doctors making these observations are being silenced. How is the scientific community okay with this?


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