Creating a well balanced life
Life is all about balance. 

If you are on my email list, you know we have been talking about living an Oola Life. Oola is the concept that there are 7 key areas of life to keep in balance and live a fulfilled life. If you want to learn more about Oola, click here.

Living a balanced life also means balancing the unexpected. I had an unexpected change to my plans and had to rearrange my Monday to deal with it. 

When I woke up late on Monday (because I stayed up too late... again), I didn't have time for a slow morning routine before getting ready to go to the vet. I usually write my morning social media posts, emails, and work for a little bit before really getting going for the day. 

The dogs had their annual appointments yesterday, and today we are celebrating Jyn's two-year adoptaversary (Solo's one year is July 4th). So off to the vet we went. 

I wasn't expecting to go in with the dogs. This was the first time I was allowed in since the beginning of 2020. I was planning on working in the car while the dogs were inside. And I would have gotten a lot done too! Our appointment took forever. But at the last minute, I was asked if I was coming in with the dogs, and I knew I wanted to. It's been a complaint I have had since the beginning. 

When you have a dog that has trust issues, and you have to send them to the vet by themselves, it is heartbreaking. 

Proud Dog Mom Moment: Solo didn't bark at ANYONE while we were at the vet!

That may sound like another walk in the park to you, but for us, it's a huge deal. Solo doesn't do well with people he doesn't know. Add them holding him down and sticking in needles... and it's a recipe for disaster. 

I was amazed at how calm he was throughout the process, and so were the ladies in the office. They had only seen him a few times but have "notes" in his file... Everyone was amazed at how much he has changed in his 11 months with us. 

So anyway, I thought I would be able to get my work done while I waited in the car, and plans changed. So I changed with them. I thought about the day I had planned - spending time in the garden was a high priority, and I decided to just do it later in the day than normal. 

The old me would have stressed about getting an email out "on time" and gotten frustrated that things weren't going my way. Now, I realize it's all about balance. Today, I set time aside for my family. My family may be furry, but they are still my family. 

I am proud of myself for completing my work today, even though it didn't go exactly as planned, but I am more proud of myself for saying this is more important. That is what Oola is all about. Figuring out which of the 7 Fs is the most important RIGHT NOW. 

Which area of your life could use more balance?


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