How to Declutter Your Digital Life... Without the Headache

Digital Clutter gets worse and worse every single year. Remember when we didn't have powerful cameras in our pockets, or even when we couldn't see the picture before it was developed? And had to store them in a book or box somewhere? 

Those were the days... 

Now we have hundreds, if not thousands of photos taking up memory space on our phones. We send photos of our day-to-day lives via text, email, Facebook, Instagram, and the list goes on. We have the same photo uploaded to our cloud services. It's stored in multiple different places, and you will probably never look at it again. 

We have to get it under control. As our world becomes more and more digitized, it's more important than ever to keep our digital clutter under control.

You don't want to have to spend hours looking for where you stored that one file that you need right now, do you?

I am taking my digital clutter one step at a time to finally get a real handle on it. The trick I am finding is to start at the same place every day. Or use the same list of tasks to complete it slowly but surely.

Maybe this week you tackle your inbox.
5 minutes a day of deleting emails. Well, if you stop next week, it's not going to help. You have to keep giving 5 minutes a day to deleting emails until it's done. And then you have to dedicate time every day or week to do it on a regular basis. 

Photos are my toughest category of digital clutter, at least for me. As a blogger, entrepreneur, micro-influencer, etc. I have A TON of photos. And a lot of them are duplicates. I have so many photos on my phone, I haven't replaced it from breaking my screen until I have them under control. Kind of a reward system... with consequences if I don't do it. But it's also pretty far down on my list. 

Other things like computer files are a one-and-done deal. You get it done, and assuming you are diligent about putting things where they belong from the beginning, never have to do it again. I tend to need to do a maintenance cleanup anytime I do a big project. But it's so much easier with a  system in place. 

My biggest piece of advice is to start. Just jump in and start deleting emails, old texts, old messages from Facebook Marketplace. Just go do something. Right now. 

I am talking more about Digital Clutter in my Facebook Group this week. I even saved EVERYTHING in a guide so you don't have to search for it. I hate searching for things. 

You can hop in now and catch up!

Where does your digital clutter frustrate you the most? Mine is my photos on my phone and in the cloud. It's a mess!


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