Self-Care: When Time is of the Essence


 When Time is of the Essence

After a few months of challenging times, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Even though you can’t always take a break from your responsibilities, you can still find little ways to practice self-care. One evening, I decided to give myself a special treat and that meant breaking out my best oils! I was ready to get going with Rutavella, Itch Relief, and Egyptian Gold—but when I reached for the Abundance oil…it was all gone! Nevertheless, I still managed to have an enjoyable self-care session that left me feeling calmer and more in control. Let me tell you more about it!

Making Do With What We Have

After realizing there wasn’t much else I could do about the Abundance oil (for now), I decided to focus on what I had at hand instead—Rutavala, Itch Relief and Egyptian Gold. So while they weren’t exactly what I had planned, these oils still did wonders for me that night! After rolling them onto areas such as my temples and neck, and all of the mosquito bites from being outside... I felt calmer and more relaxed than before. My nerves stopped feeling so jittery and anxiety-ridden which allowed me to think more clearly about how best to handle ongoing challenges without getting too bogged down by them either.

All in all, taking some time for yourself—even if it doesn’t go exactly according to plan—is never a waste of effort! And this applies not just with essential oils but with any activity we undertake simply because we care about ourselves—whether it be taking an extra long shower or reading a book before bedtime instead of scrolling through social media feeds until our eyes start hurting from fatigue 😊 So next time you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Take some time out for yourself because you deserve it 💖


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