Creating a home that is healthy and comfortable should be a top priority for all of us. There are several key elements to ensure the wellbeing of our families.

Health and Fitness come to mind first. And should be a top priority for every homemaker. That means following a balanced nutrition plan that includes all the essential vitamins and minerals. Daily exercise, whether it is walking or playing sports, should be part of everyone's routine. Practicing restorative yoga and meditation can also help promote physical and mental wellbeing. 

Faith, or the belief in something greater than ourselves, can also be beneficial at home. It gives us hope and a sense of peace that can lead to a harmonious family environment. 

Another important factor is having enough quality time with family and friends. Spending time together builds strong relationships among all members of the household. Family games nights are great for this!

Financial health is also important for overall wellbeing. Setting financial goals and developing a budget can help you reach your desired outcomes as well as make sure you are living within your means. As  homemaker, we often are working in the home full time. Our husbands provide financially, however we must be frugal in the way we manage our household finances.

Finding time to have fun as a family is important.  Unstructured playtime is often inspiring and helps the creative juices flow. Taking regular breaks to enjoy shared activities like a movie night or going out for ice cream can help reduce stress levels.


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