The Ultimate Pregnant Homemaker Checklist
Hey ladies! Today's a treat for you. Being a homemaker isn't easy, especially when you're expecting. But no worries, I've got your back. As a traditional woman and a soon-to-be mama, I've put together a list of must-haves for pregnant homemakers. These items will make your life a whole lot easier. So grab your pen and let's check out the ultimate pregnant homemaker checklist!

Comfy Clothes

First up, comfy clothes! Comfort is key for moms-to-be, especially when juggling household chores. Get some maternity wear that allows you to move freely. Opt for loose dresses or skirts that won't squeeze your belly. Personally, I've been living in leggings and dresses during pregnancy. No need to splurge on maternity wear if your regular clothes still work. Just focus on comfort for a productive and comfy day.

Pregnancy Pillow

Next, a pregnancy pillow is a must-have. It provides support for sleeping and resting, easing tension on your back, shoulders, and arms. Super comfy, especially when you have to switch to side sleeping. Choose one that suits you best from the variety available. Here's the one I got. 

Baby Gear Tips 

A baby carrier is a game-changer! It keeps your hands free while you tote your newborn around the house. Not only does it give you peace of mind by keeping your baby close, but it also snuggles them up in comfort and warmth. Plus, it's a fab way to bond with your little one while multitasking at home. I'm due soon and still hunting for carriers! Drop your top picks in the comments. 🛍️

Nursery Organization 

Pregnancy is a whirlwind, so staying organized is key to sidestepping unnecessary stress. To keep your baby's gear in check, snag some nursery storage. These come in all shapes and sizes (think drawers, bins, baskets) to stash and sort clothes, diapers, and essentials with ease. Or repurpose what you've got. We initially planned a cozy nursery, but opted for the bigger room 'cause of the closet space! Shoutout to my mom for swooping in and organizing all the baby stuff. 🤗

And there you have it, ladies - my preggo homemaker must-haves. Babies need less than we think, so don't go overboard. Remember, you're already a superhero at home, but these extras can make life smoother. Prioritize your comfort and enjoy the journey. Having a baby is a blessing, and as a modern traditional woman, you're crafting a purposeful life that fits your values. You've got this, mama! 💪


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