Blog Title: The Battle Between Housewife and Homemaker: A Modern Traditional Woman's Perspective

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The ongoing debate on social media and in various feminist circles about homemakers and housewives can sometimes be exhausting. Some women see homemakers as lazy, unambitious, and financially dependent, while some men see housewives as a luxury purchase made by husbands who are rich. As a modern traditional woman, I've seen all these stereotypes firsthand. I have been called everything from a domestic slave to a precious gem that must be treasured, and I'm here to tell you that neither of these terms is okay. So, in this blog post, I'm going to be talking about my journey as a modern traditional woman and my perspective on the battle between housewife and homemaker.

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Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to be a wife and mom. I watched my mother care for our home and family and admired her ability to do it all so effortlessly. When I got married, I was ecstatic to start my journey as a homemaker. However, after my marriage collapsed, I had to adjust to being a single woman again, which required me to work out in the world again. It was strenuous, but it did give me a keen perspective on traditional homemaking versus working.

When I met the love of my life, we decided that I would be a homemaker while he worked outside of the home. However, this was not a choice we made hastily. We considered various factors such as my values, our financial plan, our future, and our children's upbringing. We weren't ignoring the modern notion of gender equity; we were embracing our vision for our family. We have a plan where I'm the home manager, and my husband is the breadwinner, which is fine for us. And if it is okay for us, it should be okay for everyone.

I have seen that people often believe that homemakers lead dull, monotonous lives. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. I'm aware of varying interests and hobbies that women can engage in while still taking care of their household. For example, I'm the mom of three and cook, clean, bake, read, and garden in my spare time. I volunteer at my children's school and help with their extracurricular activities. I'm a busy woman, and I love doing it all.

The role of the homemaker is not only important but also essential. The duties performed by a homemaker are broadly varied and fulfilled in multiple areas of life. Furthermore, being a homemaker can include developing skills that can lead to future careers or encourage entrepreneurial ventures such as home-based businesses.

In conclusion, homemakers or housewives should not be discounted, compared unfavorably, or marginalized. The traditional and consciously chosen role of the homemaker holds much value and fulfills a critical role in society. The choice of being a housewife or a homemaker should always come down to what makes an individual and their family happy and fulfilled. As a woman, if you want to pursue your career and be the breadwinner, that is fantastic. And if you choose to stay home and pursue the traditional family roles, that's terrific too. We should respect each other's choices and celebrate every decision that allows us to build the life we've always dreamed about. Remember, women are wonderful and powerful, and your significance should never be measured by the title you choose.


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