How to Prepare for Pregnancy as a Traditional Woman
As a traditional gal, having a family is usually at the top of our to-do list. It brings joy to the whole gang. But it's not as simple as telling your man you're ready for a baby and calling it a day. It involves planning, research, and some sacrifices. Preparation is key, and while it's not the most glamorous part of motherhood, it's essential. Wondering how to get ready for pregnancy to up your chances of a healthy one? Hang tight, and let me fill you in.

Make Some Dietary Changes: A healthy diet is key for a healthy pregnancy. For traditional gals like us, whipping up tasty meals from scratch is a given. Take it up a notch by adding lots of fruits, veggies, and lean protein like chicken or turkey. Cut back on or ditch foods high in sugars, unhealthy fats, and processed stuff. If you can, get some blood work done to check what nutrients you may need more of or focus on in those meals. For instance, I was pretty low in B12 at the start of my pregnancy. Foods like beans are rich in B12. Adding these to your meals can help prep your body for a smooth pregnancy.

Get Moving Regularly: Gentle exercises like yoga, swimming, or walking are key for a healthy pregnancy. Regular exercisers usually have smoother deliveries and fewer issues. Start by setting achievable exercise goals, like 30 minutes a day. The closer I get to my due date, the more crucial exercise is. I'm not adding intense workouts I wasn't doing before, but I'm upping my walking to at least an hour a day and focusing on pelvic floor exercises as per my midwife's advice.

Keep an Eye on Your Stress Levels: Stress during pregnancy isn't great for you or your little one. Identify daily stress triggers and plan ahead for them. Everyday stress can pile up fast if you're not careful. Taking a stroll, soaking in a bubble bath, or enjoying a quiet read are simple ways to step back from stress. Self-care is vital at all stages of life, but it's especially crucial during pregnancy!

Grab these Self-Care BINGO cards to see how simple taking care of yourself can be.

Prep Your Nest: As a homemaker, your home should be ready for the baby's arrival. From the nursery to the kitchen, it's vital to get things set up. Take this chance to declutter, which is a great excuse to get organized and prepared. Arrange your baby's nursery, making sure essentials like the crib, changing table, and diaper storage are good to go. But don't worry if you can't finish it all before the baby comes. I'm 37 weeks along and still not done! Babies really don't need as much as we think they do, and you won't use that crib much for the first few months anyway! Do what you can, but don't let it stress you out.

Preparing for pregnancy isn't just about getting your home in order; it's also about staying healthy, keeping fit, and lowering stress levels. As a traditional mama, you want to do all you can to ensure your little one's best health upon arrival. Sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise is a must. It's also important to get a check-up, take necessary prenatal supplements, and keep stress down. Prepping for pregnancy takes time and effort, but it makes the journey smoother than you'd expect. As a traditional lady, remember that with joy comes sacrifice. In the end, you'll have a beautiful, healthy, and amazing baby to love with all your heart.


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