I am sitting at the finished kitchen desk in a little nook in the corner of my kitchen. While this desk is not the full extension of my office that many may want, it's the perfect place to sit down and sort mail, store the bills and mail that need to be filed, and do my daily planning while I am in the heart of our home.

Have you ever thought about putting a small desk space or workstation in your kitchen? Is a kitchen office even necessary in our modern world? 

We are so blessed to have a four-bedroom and bonus room home. We have a den and a living room. I never imagined having this much space. Especially for just the two of us and the pups. 

We use the back bedroom as an office, but I find myself working near the kitchen often. 

I am in the kitchen most of the day, and with an open floor plan, it's pretty central in our home. I loved the idea of a kitchen office, but couldn't figure out how I would make sense of having two office spaces. It seemed redundant to me. 

I have always dreamed of having a beautiful family command center and thought I could incorporate the ideas with a desk. I have a small support beam in the corner between the kitchen and the dining room that would make the perfect corner for a small work station. 

I can't believe I chose red for this project! I am not one that paints ultra-bright colors on the walls, but this red just spoke to me. It's one of the paints we purchased when we were stocking up on mistint paints for our furniture business. I have pops of red and Tiffany blue throughout the kitchen, so it fits perfectly. I even decided to do around my built-ins on the adjacent wall in red!

I painted the wall to the best of my capability. We plan on building down the road, so this isn't the forever home that I want perfect. I just want it done. I want it to feel like ours. Andy paints much better... 

I did a good job, Andy was even impressed. I learned that alcohol is great for getting paint cleaned up. I have some touch-ups to do, but I am happy. 

I knew we had some shelf brackets in the garage and I have these beautiful white wood crates I obtained during my retail years. I decided to mount one and put a chalkboard next to it. Paired with a chair (that I now need to replace in my office) and a mail inbox, it is turning into the perfect command center. 

We are a household that uses Alexa a lot. We love the automation - lights, cameras, etc and, I love using her to make lists. She works with Asana and plays music whenever I want. I chose to put our Alexa Tablet on top of the makeshift desk because when I am working here, I am looking at things like Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media for recipes, DIY's, etc. 

This is my homemaker's desk.

My divided mail inbox has three sections. The first is where the mail goes before I open it or go through the sales. When I open mail, it gets placed in one of three places.
To-Do- bills to pay, things I need to review, etc.
To File- things that need to make it to permanent filing in the main office.
Shredder. I moved my shredder to the kitchen and it has been amazing. The paper that can be shredded and put in the compost get done at the same time. I put it in my house compost holder to take outside when it's full. The rest of it makes a great addition to fire starters.

There aren't many walls in my kitchen with the open layout, so this was the only space I had to really hang the décor. I am so glad I carved out a little space that makes my life as a homesteader and homemaker easier. 
Now you tell me, have you ever carved out a little extra space in your home? 

Are you now inspired to find other ways to use some unused space?

I would love your ideas!


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