Making dinner every night is something I have committed to as a homemaker. When making dinner is not only quick (about 30 minutes or less), delicious, and quick to clean up, I feel like I won the lottery. 

This amazing Mahi Mahi recipe fits the bill. Don't have Mahi Mahi on hand or not a fan of fish? Chicken works great with this recipe too!

I bought this fish awhile back when I thought I would be an amazing homemaker and plan out all of our meals to be restaurant quality. Then life happened and I found myself having a hard time keeping to my plans. 

With the new year in full swing, Andy back to work, and a newfound appreciation of my role in our home, I am finally getting back to meal planning and cooking every night. Having dinner ready when Andy gets home from work makes our evenings go much smoother. Especially since he doesn't get home until a little after midnight.

On this particular night, I actually waited a little too late to start dinner, but because it is such a quick meal, we were able to have a hot dinner shortly after he was done getting out of his work clothes. I highly recommend making this meal and serving it immediately so your fish is nice and hot. 

The original recipe was a great starter for this version, but I always tweak something. Even if it's just because I didn't take the time to look at the ingredients before the grocery store closed, which happened to be the case this time. You can find the original recipe at along with some other amazing recipes. This is one blog I have in my bookmarks.

I started by mixing up the seasoning for the fish. I didn't have chili powder so I improvised with Taco and Fajita seasoning. The flavor was amazing, and I would absolutely use this seasoning in the future. 

While the fish fried in my Lodge Skillet, I whipped up the Corn-Avocado Salsa. We loved this salsa. Andy said he would prefer more avocado in the future, so don't be afraid to add extra! Laughing Spatula had some great suggestions for other veggies to add to the salsa, and I can't wait to try different varieties. 

Once everything was mixed together, I plated it with the fish filets on top, and dinner was served! 

The original recipe was for four servings, so I cut it in half, to avoid leftovers. This recipe would make a great lunch and is perfect for grilling (which was the way it was done on Laughing Spatula.

What's one of your favorite easy to clean up meals?


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