DAFv3bu_tvoHey there! Welcome to the Home CEO edition of National Get Organized Week. This week, I'm gonna be sharing my absolute favorite ways to get organized. And let me tell you, I need a whole week just to organize as much as anyone!

Now, let's talk about today's task: organizing the pantry. Trust me, having an organized pantry is key to whipping up the most delicious meals for our beloved families. So, shall we get started? Let's do it!

First, empty out your pantry and create a space for everything. Group like items together to make them easier to find when you need them. Put the most used items at eye level or in an easy-to-reach spot. This will help cut down on wasted time searching for ingredients when cooking. 

Next, you can use containers to help group like items together. This will also make it easier for you to see what foods you already have so that you don't end up with duplicates. I registered for this set for our wedding and it is by far one of my favorite gifts. Keeping or food fresh and bugs away... we had an ant problem a couple months ago and I bought more of them in larger sizes!

Lastly, when everything is back in its place, label the items for easy identification. This can help you quickly grab what you need and it also helps keep your pantry looking neat and organized. And don’t forget to take inventory once in a while so that you don’t end up with expired food. With these tips, I am confident that everyone can have a neat and orderly pantry!

Ready to meal plan like the Home CEO you are? Grab our Home CEO Daily Notes with a dedicated meal planning section to make your dinners  a breeze!  And with the pantry neatly organized, you'll know exactly what ingredients you have in stock and can start creating healthier meals for your family. 

Happy organizing! :) 


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