A Second Shift Homestead
Not everyone follows the typical 9-5 work schedule. Many businesses run around the clock, requiring employees to cover all shifts to keep operations running smoothly.

Upon our move to South Carolina, Andy initially worked the 1st Shift. However, six months later, without prior notice, he was switched to the 2nd Shift.

While there are some perks to his new schedule, such as being able to sleep in a bit together in the mornings and avoiding peak traffic hours, the overall impact on our family is mixed. Unlike some who appreciate the flexibility to align with their spouse's childcare needs or enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere on the 2nd shift, Andy prefers a wind-down period before bed. Our routine often involves late-night dinners while catching up on shows.

As a result, a significant portion of our homestead responsibilities falls on me. Given my near-constant presence at home, I understand the division of tasks. However, the 2nd shift elongates project timelines, particularly outdoor ones that require machinery and consideration for nearby neighbors.

Living in a rural setting, we dedicate weekends to outdoor projects, like the current shed construction for our wood supplies. Undertaking such endeavors without formal plans during weekends or late nights inevitably adds a touch of uniqueness to our structures.

Balancing our time, I often stay up to connect with Andy upon his return, sacrificing early mornings for shared moments. This adjustment not only impacts the individual on the shift but ripples through the entire family dynamic.


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