It's done! We are FINALLY Unpacked! 12 Acre Wonderland Home Tour
The day I get to share our home purchase with the world has finally come. 

If you saw our property tour you will love our home tour. There's much less trash... I have included a few of my favorite spots in our home, but you can watch the whole thing here.
If you have followed me for a long time, you may have seen this pallet console table in our old apartment. Andy custom built it for our hallway, because we had NO storage, and barely a closet for our utility room. This table made the PERFECT entry table in our new home! Right now it is full of tools that need to charge, but one day it will be minimal and home of all of the gear we need when we leave the house. For now, it's dual purpose will suffice. 

We have the biggest bedroom I could ever imagine. Our master bathroom is the same size as our old bedroom. Maybe even bigger... I even have an chair and a half in the corner! It's Jyn's favorite place in the house. I have been thinking about moving it into the office. Would you rather have a big comfy chair in your bedroom or in the office? I would love to hear your thoughts, comment below and help me decide! 
Our Industrial Farmhouse look wouldn't be complete without a few bottles (or all the bottles - we don't drink much) on display. These crates have moved around with us and been useful in so many different spaces. We have two in the bathroom, as well. Crates are perfect when you're low on shelf space and need something that looks nice without breaking the bank. You can even make your own out of scrap pieces of wood!

I have big big plans for this den as our lives change in the next few years. We plan on redoing the floors, and once this carpet is gone, my dining room is moving!!! Until then, it's the perfect place to cuddle up with a book or a loved one. (Or a great place to dump laundry... that's more common.)

I have shown off my oily spot a few times on the gram. We keep our main stash right here where we see it daily. I use these bottles, but I also use them to refill bottles we have around the house. Keep those empty oil bottles! They make having oils around so much more convenient. Which means we use them more. 
We may not have a real bed in the guest room yet, but that's the only thing keeping us from having guests stay. And we have an amazing air mattress. Seriously. It's the best. We used in January 2020 when we visited Andy's parents. If something happened to my bed, I would gladly blow it up. Jyn even slept on it when we were in Illlinois, and her claws didn't even bother it... I really should get her nails done more often... Anyway, this guest room is going to be out of this world. 
The idea for this room came from Andy's collection of Star Wars stuff. In our apartment, he had some long shelves in the office to display his collection. Now he gets a whole room! 

Have you done a themed room? Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear what themes you have done. 

We still have a lot of work to do, and are excited to really make this place our own. 

I would love to hear about some of the projects you have done to make your house a home. Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Lenore Erickson  03/29/2021 02:34 PM Central
    Looking Fabulous!! So happy for you guys in this new home! Can't wait to come visit!

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