An Apple a Day...

Apples are one of my favorite fruits. 

If you are buying them from a store, they can also be the most pesticide-exposed fruit available. They remain high on the EWG’s dirty dozen list because they are sprayed with pesticides post-harvest to prevent them from discoloring during cold storage.  

As someone who has an apple tree (I just identified it last week!!!)I have been doing research on the long-term storage of apples. Apples are one of the reasons we want to build a root cellar. They need to be stored under 40 degrees but above 30 degrees.  

It seems to me that the large farming industry has once again decided that the health of our society is less important than cutting corners. Instead of taking the time to make sure produce is stored properly, we get pesticide-covered apples.  

It says a lot about us as a society as well. We have gotten so used to being able to eat whatever we want whenever we want that we have forced some of these bad practices.  

Eating seasonally would mean most of our apple consumption would be in the fall. But would it really be so bad to go back to a simpler way of eating? Eating when foods are fresh?  

Most apples are shipped across the country, making it hard to regulate temperatures. Eating locally will help prevent the need to regulate temperatures for shipping... or covering the apples in pesticides...  

Therefore, it’s so important to wash your fruits and veggies!!  

I washed my apples today, and they were still feeling super waxy. I tried a drop of Thieves essential oil between my hands and rubbed them all over my apples.  


The amount of wax that was gummed up on my apples was disgusting! 


Apples are so yummy and can be so good for you, but they are also one of the most pesticide-ridden produce you can buy. 

Then to top it off, companies add a wax layer over the natural wax to make them shiny and more appealing in the grocery store these apples came from the same bag, and the one on the left is still wet! 

All that shiny wax on the one on the right may look appealing, but your body doesn’t think so!!  

I am so excited to have fresh pesticide-free apples from the tree by the garden this fall 

If you don’t have an apple tree nearby, you can still pick your own fresh apples from a local farm. You’ll get more apples, cheaper than in the store, and you can preserve them for later use.

What's your favorite way to enjoy this fall treat?


Learn more about the bad practices of the apple industry here




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