How to make time for the things you NEED to do, and still do the things you WANT to do.
I sat down to write this blog post with one goal. Write a blog post. 

I have been slacking in the writing department lately, and have really started to come up with a plan for my business. It's in the works, and it excites me so much. 

I also recently took a full-time job. THANKFULLY, it's work from home. So the commute is from the coffee pot to my office, which was normal anyway... more on this in another post. 

Time management has become harder working on my now 9-6 with an hour lunch schedule. All of the things I needed to get done before are still there. 

OH! And did I mention I am doing 75 Hard? And trying to write another course.. while finishing the last module edits for Canva without the Subscription for Homepreneurs?

My point is, I KNOW BUSY. 

I live it. Every single day.

So, when I told myself I was writing a blog post today, I made the time to do it. I looked at my list of blog ideas and realized this topic was perfect.

Which is why I KNOW you need to hear this too.

We all have the same amount of hours in the day. We decide what we are going to do with those hours. If we have set obligations, we have fewer hours to get our other tasks done, but still, need to do them.

This may look like working out for 30 minutes a week if that is all you can squeeze in, as long as you take the time to take care of your body. 

75 Hard (even though I am on my 3rd reboot at the time of this writing...) is teaching me about prioritizing the things that are important to us. I am spending 1hr 30m a day working out. 

Two 45 minute workouts.

When I started I thought it would be impossible to find the time. And do everything else.

Now, I either do it early in the morning, late at night, or whenever I can squeeze it into my day, but it gets done. 

I am applying this principle to the other areas of my life too. Things that I have been telling myself I am going to do, but haven't completed are getting checked off my to-do list. I have a plan and I schedule them.

Seriously, I schedule tasks like an appointment. 

In our crazy busy lives, things change. So if I HAVE to reschedule something or life just happens, I can move it around on my Calendar. 

If you want to see how my Calendar works, join my free Facebook group to get the training. 

It will be live this week!


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