Get your home halloween-ready with these last minute decorations!

It's October 30th and you're scrambling to get your home into the Halloween spirit. Fear not! With a little bit of creativity and some items you probably already have around the house, you can deck out your abode with festive flair. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Make a spooky wreath for your front door. All you need is a Wire Wreath Frame, some Stout Gauge Floral Wire, Black Tissue Paper, and a Hot Glue Gun. Simply cut the tissue paper into 2" strips and hot glue them onto the frame. Add some fun embellishments like spiders, witches hats, or ghosts for an extra pop of Halloween spirit!

2. Give your pumpkins a makeover. Paint them black and white for a chic look, or get creative with different colors and patterns. You can even use Sharpies to draw on faces or other designs. If carving pumpkins is more your style, try using a drill to create unique patterns before carving them out. 

3. Bring the outdoors in with some fall leaves. Press them between the pages of a heavy book overnight, then use them to decorate your mantle or coffee table. Include some small pumpkins and gourds, candles, and other seasonal items to complete the look. You can even spray-paint the leaves for added fun! 

4. Set the mood with some spooky lighting. Dim the overhead lights and light some candles around the room. For an eerie touch, try using black light bulbs in lamps (just make sure they're covered so that they don't blind you!). If you have time, string up some Halloween lights around doorways or windows. Just be careful not to overload any circuits!

5. Give your furniture a holiday makeover with Halloween-themed slipcovers or throws. You can find these at most home goods stores, or order them online from sites like Amazon or Etsy. If slipcovers aren't your thing, simply drape a throw over each piece of furniture for a similar effect. Add some pillows in coordinating colors or patterns to really tie the look together. Or just grab some pillowcases (you can use them year after year!)

6. Put together a spooktacular centerpiece using items like skulls (real or fake!), bones (again, real or fake), candles, spiders, webs...the sky's the limit! Get creative and have fun with it. This is one of those areas where more is definitely more; the creepier, the better!

7. Dress up your windows with Halloween-themed curtains, window clings, or stencils. You can usually find these items at stores like Party City or Michaels; if not, they're readily available online as well. Just be sure to measure your windows before you buy anything so that you know what size to get! 

8. Hang Halloween-themed tapestries or fabrics on walls around your home for instant decoration.. If you don't have any fabric on hand, old sheets work just as well! You can also buy cheap tablecloths from party stores and tack them up instead; just be sure to remove any logos or branding first so that they don't clash with your overall aesthetic.

9. This one's for all you procrastinators out there: print out some Halloween coloring pages (grab some here) and hang them up around your home! You can find tons of free printables online; just do a quick Google search and see what you can find. enlarging them so that they'll fit perfectly into empty picture frames that you already have around the house..

10. And last but not least...Halloween wouldn't be complete without candy! So put out a bowl (or three) of your favorite holiday treats and let yourself indulge! After all, it is only once a year...Happy Haunting!

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