Essential Oils for Yoga
Today is International Yoga Day, and the perfect day to talk about essential oils alongside your yoga practice. Not practicing yoga yet? Hey! Me neither, but I have been researching some basics and decided that today was the day I was finally going to use that Yoga Collective membership I paid for on Groupon this past winter. 
I listened to Senior Global Educator, RN, RNPA, and certified yoga instructor Ed Dailey, on the Drop of Inspiration Podcast, did a little research of my own, and have compiled a list of oils that are great to add to your yoga practice!
I have done yoga before, I am not completely new to the idea, and have attended classes. I just don't do it regularly and have decided I want to add it to my healthy lifestyle. Yoga provides a ton of benefits to help bring a healthy balance to your daily life. When I do yoga, I feel great. I want to feel that way every single day, so I am going to start my practice in just 10-15 minute sessions a day. And you can follow me on Instagram for accountability!
Some people add oils to the bottom of their feet, some place a drop in their hands, and others diffuse during their yoga practice. I can see the benefits of all three depending on which oil and what reason you decide to use it that day. I will be incorporating all three in my practice.

I have chosen to keep these oils with my Yoga supplies.

One thing to remember is your yoga practice will change daily. What works for you one day may not be the oil calling to you the next day. I have set aside some different videos in the Yoga Collective app and saved them on YouTube for days when I really want a specific Yoga Practice. Some days you may find you want something grounding, while another you need energy. Follow your intuition when preparing to start your daily yoga practice, and let your body tell you what it needs. 
Starting today, you can follow me on Instagram to keep up with my yoga practice! 
What essential oils do you like to have while practicing yoga? I know I already have a wish list going!


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