Who is a homemaker?
What comes to mind when you think of a homemaker? Do you think of old TV shows depicting women in dresses and heels or your Grandma baking pies for dessert to a homemade meal? You may be wondering what a homemaker is, who a homemaker is, and if you are or can be a homemaker.

According to Dictionary.com
Homemaker: a person who manages the household of his or her own family, especially as a principal occupation.
While the dictionary has its definition, I have my own. And since this is my blog... 

A homemaker is a woman who creates an inviting space for her family. 

She cares for her family's needs and acts as the home CEO ensuring all of the necessary tasks are completed.
I have not always been the best homemaker. When I came home full time, I struggled. I was overwhelmed by the homemaking tasks. This confused me because all of these tasks needed to get done when I was working. But somehow dusting the ceiling fans seemed more daunting now.

If you are feeling the same way, check out my 3 Questions to Change Your Home.

I worked on mDAEe_Bds90gyself. I worked on my mindset and moved through the mental blocks I had. As women, we are told that men should pull equal weight around the home. We should be striving to be at the top. We should be shattering glass ceilings. All of the stories I had been told throughout my life were keeping me from performing at my best in my new role as a full-time homemaker.

As I learned to embrace my role as a homemaker, and find joy in making lunch for Andy or folding his laundry, I learned that homemaking isn't about having a perfect home all the time. It's about creating an environment that is low-stress and comfortable for your family. 

Whatever your life looks like right now, you can be a homemaker. 

Whether you are working full time in a busy job, or someone who works from home. 
Whether you have children or not. 
Whether you live with your parents, a significant other, by yourself, or with a bunch of roommates.
Whether you have a lot of money or are in debt. 

You can be a homemaker. 

Feeling a little overwhelmed in your current homemaker role? These are the 3 questions I ask all of my clients when we first start working together to help change from struggling as a homemaker to thriving as the Home CEO. 

Home should be a refuge from the stress of the world. With everything going on in today's society, it's more important than ever for a home to be a place of relaxation. Creating a warm and inviting home takes more than just cleaning, although it's important too. 

The value of a homemaker is more than just cooking, cleaning, and raising the family. She manages her home with confidence and manages the overall environment. She creates a home when she plans thoughtful meals for her family and nurtures the relationships inside her home. She influences the mood through the aromas she uses while going about her daily tasks. She manages her family's health and cares for them when they need it. 

While my home may not always be ready for a Pinterest photoshoot, it is full of love and warmth. I feel valued in my role as a homemaker, and proud to be able to create a home for my loved ones to spend time in. 

Do you consider yourself a homemaker? What is one area you do really well in?

Are you struggling to be the best homemaker you can be? Schedule a 15-minute call with me to dive into where you can start making a difference today and over the next couple of weeks to see real change in your homemaking. It's free to chat and get a customized Home CEO plan emailed after our call. 


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