The Dirty Truth About Your Doors: One Month Deep Cleaning Challenge Day 11
Welcome back to day 11 of our one-month deep cleaning challenge! How are you feeling so far? Have you noticed any difference in your living space? I hope all of you are doing well with the cleaning as we bring in a new area to tackle. Today's task is to clean your doors, door handles, and door frames. It’s time to get rid of all the smudges, dirt, and germs that have accumulated over time. Remember, a clean home is a happy home!

Doors are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. However, a quick wipe-down can drastically improve the overall appearance of your home. Begin by wiping down the doors with a damp cloth, make sure to get around the edges and all the grooves, as these tend to be the spots where dirt accumulates the most. Next, utilize a wood cleaner or polish on wooden doors to restore the lost shine. Don’t forget to clean the hardware and hinges as well! A little bit of disinfectant can go a long way to keep the germs and bacteria at bay.

Door handles and knobs require special attention when it comes to cleaning. These are the items we frequently touch throughout the day and can, therefore, transmit germs and bacteria. Start by removing all of the doors handles, knobs, or levers and clean each one thoroughly. Use a disinfectant spray, and make sure to get both sides of the handles. You can also utilize a toothbrush and a glass cleaner to clean the crevices and nooks that are hard to get to.

Now it’s time to clean the door frames. Dust and grim can accumulate around the frames and leave a dark grime, which can be very unsightly. A simple swipe of a damp cloth will work wonders. If the dirt is stubborn, you can utilize a degreaser, but make sure to test it out on a small area first. Don't forget to wipe down the tops and edges of the frame, as dust and spider webs tend to accumulate there.

Over time, door frames can become cracked, chipped, and scuffed. You can address these issues by applying wood putty to fill the cracks, and then sand down the surface once it has dried. If you are dealing with scuffs and scratches, there are products available, which can be painted over to provide a seamless finish.

Congratulations, we are almost to the half-way point in our one-month deep cleaning challenge. Giving your doors, door handles, and door frames a durable cleaning can have a significant impact across your living space. Remember, a clean home is a happy home, and it will only elevate your mood, reduce your stress levels, and make you feel refreshed and refreshed. Stay tuned for Day 12, where we will tackle something that’s near and dear to most of us


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