Day 16 of a Month Long Cleaning Challenge - Dusting off the Tops of Your Cabinets
Hey there young homemakers! How are you all doing with the cleaning challenge so far? I hope you guys have been keeping up with all the tasks. After all, we only have a few weeks left until the end of the month. But don't worry, today's task is an easy one! We're just going to tackle the tops of our cabinets. I know, I know, it's a spot that easily gets overlooked because well, we don't see it very often. But trust me, it needs to be cleaned too! So let's grab our dusting cloths and get started!

First things first, we need to clear off the tops of our cabinets. It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate up there! Some of us might have forgotten what's actually sitting up there. So take everything down and place them on your kitchen table. You might want to wear gloves too, just in case you find something nasty lurking in there. 

Next, grab a dusting cloth and start wiping down the tops of your cabinets. Don't forget to get the corners and the sides too! You'll be surprised at the amount of dust that's accumulated up there. For extra stubborn dirt or grease, you can use a microfiber cloth slightly dampened with warm water. If you have a hard time reaching the back, use a long-handled duster or ask someone to help you out. 

Now, here's a tip. Line the tops of your cabinets with wax paper. It might seem pointless, but trust me, it'll save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. The wax paper will help prevent dust, dirt, and grease from accumulating on top of your cabinets. When it's time to clean again, all you need to do is remove the paper and replace it with a new one. It'll save you from having to do a deep clean of your cabinets every time.

Once you're done dusting the tops of your cabinets and lining them with wax paper, it's time to put everything back up there. Take this opportunity to declutter and get rid of things you don't need anymore. You don't want to put unnecessary items back up there and have them become a dust magnet. Arrange everything neatly and systematically. This will make it easier for you to find things the next time you need them.

And there you have it, young homemakers, our task for Day 16 of the month-long cleaning challenge. It might seem like a small task, but trust me, it's an important one. Sometimes the most overlooked areas in our homes are the ones that need the most attention. By cleaning the tops of your cabinets, you not only make your kitchen look cleaner, but you're also preventing dust, dirt, and grease from accumulating in hard-to-reach areas. And by lining it with wax paper, you're making your life easier in the long run! So let's give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done and get ready for tomorrow's task!


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