Keeping Promises to Yourself is Vital to being Successful


This weekend was a true test of my commitment to the promises I make to myself. I am usually the first person I am okay with disappointing, but I am changing that story. I am keeping my promises to myself. If I can't keep them for myself, how will I ever be consistent with others?
Many of you already know Andy switched to 3rd shift at the beginning of the month. If you didn't, make sure you follow me on Instagram to get updates on our daily lives. The switch hasn't been the easiest to get used to.
At this point, we are just sleeping when we are tired, and eating when we are hungry. Eventually, we will fall into a routine... 
Friday we had a lot to get done when Andy got home from work in the morning. We went to run errands, made phone calls, and got everything done, except my goal of having the house completed so I could film this weekend. All on zero sleep... 
We crashed when we got home at 4:30 pm. Like seriously crashed. Both of us woke up around 11 pm, and after taking care of the dogs, WE WENT BACK TO SLEEP until 7 on Saturday morning... 
It was like Friday never existed. 
Getting our home ready to film was more than just showing you all the home that we purchased. (Check out the whole 12 Acre Wonderland if you missed it.) It's the one thing that's been holding me back from accomplishing the goals I have for 2021. 
My office space was a disaster. I couldn't even use it. In fact, this is the first thing I have written for my website while sitting at my desk... Sure I kept up on my Daily Cleaning Tasks for a Clean Home Every Day, but my home was far from tidy. This is kind of a problem when you strive to help women become better homemakers. 
I ended up posting the video many, many hours past the deadline that I gave myself, and I am disappointed in that fact. I want to be the kind of person who does what she commits. Even if it's only a commitment to myself. 
I hope you have a productive week, and remember to keep the promises you make to yourself as you go about your daily tasks. 
If you can't keep them for yourself, can you really keep a promise to anyone? What kind of person do you want to be in this world?
When I ask myself these questions, I know who I want to be, and what I need to do to get there. It starts with keeping promises to myself. 
I am so proud of myself for keeping my word to myself. That probably sounds a little egotistical, but it took a long time for me to get here. It took a lot of work. 
Go do the things you promised yourself you would do today, and if a promise isn't enough to get you motivated, link your pinkies. You just pinkie promised yourself... can't break that!
What's the ONE thing holding you back from achieving your dreams? What do you need to do to change it? 


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