The Power of a Deep Clean Laundry Room

What a whirlwind of cleaning it’s been! By now, your house should be feeling pretty good, and some of you may be wondering what else is left to clean. Each home is unique, and while some may have already tackled everything on our list, others might still have specific areas they'd like to address. Today, we'll be focusing on the laundry room - or the equivalent of it, for those who don't have one. Cleaning your laundry room (or laundry tools) might not be the most exciting task on your to-do list, but it's an important one nonetheless. By taking the time to give this area of your home a deep clean, you'll be improving the cleanliness, functionality, and overall feel of your space. So, grab your cleaning supplies, turn on some music, and let's get to work!

First things first, let's evaluate the current state of your laundry room. Are there any cobwebs lurking in the corners? Have you checked behind the washer and dryer to see if any rogue socks have made a home there? Is the washing machine itself looking a little worse for wear? Take some time to assess the situation and create a game plan for where to start.

Next, let's focus on the washing machine. Despite being a tool for cleaning clothes, washing machines themselves can accumulate dirt, grime, and even mold over time. Take a damp cloth and wipe down the exterior and interior of the machine. For a more thorough cleaning, run a cycle with hot water and 1 cup of vinegar to eliminate any bacteria or odor. Don't forget to wipe down the dryer, as well!

Now, let's tackle the shelves and cabinets in your laundry room. This is where you might store detergents, fabric softeners, and other cleaning supplies. If you've been using the same products for a while, it might be a good time to go through and toss any expired or unused items. Then, wipe down the shelves and cabinets with a disinfectant to prevent any mildew or bacteria from growing.

The floors are next on our list. If you have a tile or vinyl floor, you can simply sweep or vacuum the debris and mop with a gentle cleanser. For those with a carpeted laundry room, vacuum the area thoroughly and consider renting a carpet cleaner to give the space a deep clean. This is also a good time to wash the area rugs if you have any.

Finally, let's focus on the finishing touches. Hang up any loose tools, like brooms and mops, in a designated area. If you have a lint roller, use it on any clothes or surfaces that may have collected excess debris. Consider placing a fresh plant or flowers in the laundry room to add a touch of greenery and make the space feel more inviting.

We hope this day of our cleaning challenge has been helpful to you! By deep cleaning your laundry room (or laundry tools) you've not only improved the cleanliness and functionality of the space, but you've also set yourself up for success in maintaining an organized and efficient area for future use. We wish you all the best in your cleaning journey and remember to take breaks when needed. Happy cleaning!


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